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Tloons – Crazy Balloons
is a simple time-killing balloon game, where you can burst balloons by just moving your mouse over the balloons. Tloons has been developed using JQUERY, PHP and MYSQL by Tohle Solutions.  

More than 500000 balloons have been busted till now and the number is still growing.  As soon as you open the website and start bursting the balloons using mouse,  balloons start increasing randomly till you bust all the balloons and the screen is clear of any balloons. We have developed this time pass game wherein you don;t have put your brains to work, just move your mouse and see the magic of busting balloons. Truly an addictive game…

Tloons have only 4 color balloons:

  1. Yellow
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Red (Evil Balloon)

At the end, It will just asked to you whether you like TLOONS or not.


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