HTML Practice Exercises – Chapter 2

If you really want to learn HTML, start building something. You can do HTML practice exercises to improve your HTML skills.

Use notepad and browser to solve these exercises

Practice Question 1 – “Tell me about yourself”

Create a webpage which tells about you

  • Step 1: Create a webpage with the heading “Tell me about yourself”
  • Step 2: Print your name (make a subheading)
  • Step 3: Add a horizontal line
  • Step 4: Add a paragraph which tell about you

Format the webpage with below style

  • Step 1: center all (using style in body)
  • Step 2: change the background color in blue and text color to white

Practice Question 2 – “Print Times Table of 2”

Create a webpage that displays the multiplication table of 2.

  • Step 1: Add heading “Times Table”
  • Step 2: Add subheading “Multiplication Table of 2”
  • Step 3: Add a horizontal line
  • Step 4: print the multiplication table each line must be separated by a break tag.
  • Step 5: Print your name in right side

Practice Question 3: “My Family” Website

Check out how the <a> tag works and you can start with your first HTML project “My Family”.

On this website, create web pages of all members of your family with details like name, age, relation, and all link back to the “My Family” website home page.

My Family Website
My Family Home Page
Grand Pa Page
Grandpa Page