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Autoblog Alpha
Google Sheet

Unleash the power of automation with Autoblog Alpha Google Sheet – your one-stop solution for generating, rewriting, and publishing content on your WordPress site.

PHP AI Content
Writer Script

PHP AI Content Writer script is a UI wrapper of GPT 3 writer. you can connect your GPT3 API to this script. It gives options to save prompts, scrapbook, and save AI content to WordPress.

Autoblog Alpha
WordPress Plugin

Effortlessly create and publish auto blogs with the Autoblog Alpha WordPress plugin. Generate content with ease and publish on your own WordPress site or a remote one. Upgrade your content creation process today!

Autoblog Beta
WordPress Plugin

Coming soon…


Autoblog Alpha Google Sheet

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Autoblog Alpha WordPress Plugin

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Web Scraping

Scraping Google Maps using Puppeteer

This is the node js script to scrape google maps using Puppeteer Related posts: How to scrape Bing People Also Ask QnA?

PHP AI Content Writer Script

I have created the “PHP AI Content Writer Script”. It uses Open AI technology to write high-quality content for you in no time. Get it … More