Autoblog Alpha Google Sheet

Get ready to revolutionize your content creation with the all-new Autoblog Alpha Google Sheet! Say goodbye to manual writing and hello to fully automated content generation. With just a few clicks, you can generate, rewrite, and publish high-quality content directly to your WordPress site. Upgrade your content game and simplify your content creation process with Autoblog Alpha Google Sheet.

It is available at $27.



Google sheet has an execution limit of 6 minutes. the script stops if it exceeds, you need to run the script from the “Menu > Autoblog alpha > Generate…”, it will run from the same point where it stops.

How to install

Once you receive a mail with a drive link. Open the Autoblog Alpha Sheet File. It will open in “View only” mode.

Google Sheet

Next, make a copy of this file.

Google Sheet

It will open a dialog box. Click on “Make a copy” with your desired name.

Make a copy

Once you create a copy. Open your file and you will see “Autoblog Alpha” menu. If this menu is not visible than reload your browser page until you see this.

Autoblog Alpha

To run the autoblog alpha sheet, you need to enter your Open AI API Key in the “Settings” sheet.

Open AI API Key

Now it is ready. But first time when enter “Keyword or idea” it will ask for authorization.

Keyword or Idea

Click on “Continue”


Allow the permission to run the script.