Home Row Keys Lessons

Home Row Keys

The middle row of the alphabet on the typing keyboard is the Home Row Keys. The keys are asdfg and ;lkjh.

If you know about these keys already, you can start online typing practice on our Home Row Keys Practice page.

Home Row Keys on English Keyboard

How to type

Put left-hand fingers, lightly on the “asdf” keys and right hand fingers on the “jkl;”.

Use the left-hand index finger to type f and g keys, and the right-hand index finger to type j and h.

Left-hand middle finger to type the d and the right-hand middle finger to type k.

Left-hand ring finger to type s, and the right-hand ring finger to type l

Use the left-hand little finger to type the a and the right-hand little finger to type ;.

Use right-hand thumb to press spacebar get space between words.

Typing Lessons

Now you can start typing lesson of 5 days on Home Row Keys Typing Practice page.