Upper Row Keys Lessons

Upper Row Keys

On the English Keyboard, Upper Row Keys are q, w, e, r, t, y, u, i, o, and p. If you already know how to use these keys, you can start the Online Typing Practice.

How to type

Upper Row Keys - QWERTYUIOP

Keep your hand lightly on Home Row Keys only. Whenever you type the upper row keys, after typing the alphabet bring back your finger on Home Row Keys.

Use the left-hand index finger to type r and t keys, and the right-hand index finger to type y and u.

Left-hand middle finger to type the e and the right-hand middle finger to type i.

Use the left-hand ring finger to type w, and the right-hand ring finger to type o.

Left-hand little finger to type the q and the right-hand little finger to type p.

Typing Lessons

Now you can start lesson of 5 days on Upper Row Keys Typing Practice page.

Also learn about Home Row Keys on our Online Typing Program