Writers – Frequently Asked Questions

How to start?

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How do I join Tohle Solutions Writers Program?

Joining writers program is simple, It has 3 steps

  • Submit the Registration Form with your sample work
  • Verify your email address
  • And after reviewing your sample work your account will get activated

How do I pick up the articles of my choice?

You can find new articles on the writers’ menu.

You can choose them by clicking the “write content” button from there. Whenever new articles are required, we add them to the system, and mail sent to all the writers.

The green badge will display whenever new articles added in the system.
You see the above screen when all the articles are picked by writers and no new content required.

Articles are available to them as long as the article is not picked and locked by other writers.

What do you mean the writer locks an article?

Whenever you choose the option “write content,” the article is locked for 24 hours and not visible to others.

You have only 24 hours to submit the article. If you failed, then we have the right to unlocked and reject the article.

How much do writers get paid?

Pricing for each required article is mention in the “new articles” menu; the same amount will be paid to writers.

How do writers get paid?

Right now, we pay using net banking. You need to give your bank details in the payment setting. Payment will be made in three working days after your article is accepted.

Is there a limit on how many articles I can write?

No, as of now, there is no limit.

Why is my account is disabled?

We reserve the right to ban accounts at its sole discretion. Banned writers will not receive payment and will forfeit their account balance. The following are offenses that will result in your account being banned.

Copyscape Warnings: This occurs when writers try to submit plagiarized content.

Offenses can include:

  • The article was of unacceptably bad quality
  • Article was spun
  • Writer ignored instructions
  • The article was blatantly plagiarized
  • Article was submitted in a suspiciously short amount of time
  • Etc.

We are not looking to ban quality writers. Only the writers that are obviously abusing the platform. Repeated offenses hurt the Tohle Solutions community and cause us to lose buyers.