Autoblog Alpha WordPress Plugin

Are you tired of manually creating and publishing blog content? Look no further than the Autoblog Alpha WordPress plugin! This cutting-edge tool leverages the power of GPT-3 technology to generate content based on your preferred ideas and keywords. Whether you want to publish on your own WordPress site or a remote one, the Autoblog Alpha … Read more

PHP AI Content Writer Script

I have created the “PHP AI Content Writer Script”. It uses Open AI technology to write high-quality content for you in no time. Get it at an affordable price of just $20 Note: OPEN AI KEY does not come with this product. you have purchased your own tokens. PHP AI Content writer is just a … Read more

Traverse a directory in php

Sometimes, we need to traverse a directory. Here is the code to traverse a directory/folder. Exclude current and parent directory The above code display all the files and sub-directories in a current directory, including your current directory (“.”) and parent directory (“..”). To exclude these directories you can check the file name. Exclude all subdirectories … Read more

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Setting up Python Virtual Environment on Ubuntu

This guide helps to set up a python virtual environment on Ubuntu. First, I will check the current version of python on my ubuntu machine $ python3 -V Now install the python3-venv package that provides the venv module $ sudo apt update$ sudo apt install python3-venv Creating virtual environment once, you install the python3-venv package. … Read more

Google map scraper using Selenium

In the last post, I have shown you how to scrape google “People also ask”. Here is the code to scrape the Google Map using Selenium. Please leave the suggestions, and comments below or in our Facebook group You, Me, and Automation.

Web scraping using Scrapy – Part 1

This article is about scrapy for web scraping. I will tell you how to set up and scrape with examples. Step1: Python Installation First, you download & install python on your machine using this link What is python? Python is a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability with the … Read more