Author: Sunil Chaudhary

  • Online Typing

    Online Typing

    Online Typing helps you to learn typing online. Here we start with an understanding of the basics of English Keyboard typing and typing lessons.

  • Typing Practice Sheets

    Easy way to learn typing is start practice. Here you can download Typing Practice Sheets

  • PHP upload file

    PHP upload file

    Some of the web applications need functionality to upload files on the server. This post tells you the problem and their solutions while uploading files on the server using the PHP upload file.

  • Country drop-down list | Select Country Code

    Country drop-down list | Select Country Code

    Looking for an HTML source code of country code drop-down list. Here you will find four types of the country drop-down list.

  • How to write a viral script?

    How to write a viral script?

    To learn how to write a viral script, you have some knowledge of Html, CSS and Javascript. When I heard about viral script, I thought that it is some kind of complicated coding and hard to learn. After checking one of wishing viral script source code, found that people just do copy and paste of […]

  • VPS Hosting

    In Virtual Private Server, You have your own space on a physical server that is partitioned into multiple private environments. The technical terms for this is “Virtualization”.

  • Share web page like a native app

    Share web page like a native app

    Adding a share button on the website is easy. You can use free tools, plugins like AddThis, ShareThis, and more. But, free means extra cost. How?

  • Infinite scroll pagination with PHP & Ajax

    Infinite scroll pagination with PHP & Ajax

    If you are looking for infinite scroll pagination in PHP & Ajax without using any plugin then you are at the right place. Check the code first.

  • DOS cheat sheet

    DOS cheat sheet

    Today I am going to tell you the basic DOS commands. Here is the cheat sheet of DOS basic commands.

  • Shared Hosting

    If you decided that shared hosting is suitable for you and your application will run on it. Be careful while choosing a shared hosting provider, some of them are overselling and in the long run, you will face an issue like disk quota, bandwidth, and downtime. Here is the list of best-shared hosting providers