Author: Sunil Chaudhary

  • Web Hosting

    What is web or domain hosting? What type of web hosting is suitable for me? From where I can buy hosting? Is there any free web hosting available? and so many questions.

  • Guest Post & Backlinks Database

    We invite all the SEO experts and Bloggers in building FREE backlinks and guest post database.

  • Sharing Text

    Sharing Text is a web application available online for everyone. This is designed and developed by Tohle Solutions. Basically, it provides you a platform to save your notes online. Create public, private or password-protected notes and share with friends with sharing text.

  • SEO not working

    If you are looking for technical stuff here then you are at the wrong place. There are three versions of the story on this page which will tell you why SEO not working for those who are new to this.

  • PHP Pagination

    Pagination means to show the information into multiple pages instead of one and when u say PHP pagination, it means that you want to show the records in multiple pages instead of showing all records in one page.

  • Google reCAPTCHA example

    Hi developer, If you are looking for a solution to protect web forms from spam and abuse then you are at right place.

  • PHP Programming

    PHP is a server-side scripting language means you need a web server, upload your script there and then call from the client (web browser) and you get the output in HTML or any other format whatever you want like JSON.