I Wanna – Ai Writer Extension

“I Wanna” is a powerful Chrome extension that lets you create custom prompts that work on selected text. With a simple right-click, you can easily access the prompt actions in your context menu and take actions like generating text or performing other AI-powered tasks. Powered by OpenAI, “I Wanna” is the perfect tool for anyone … Read more

Learning Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

I start learning the chrome extension, and ChatGPT suggests the following steps Set up the development environment: I will use a visual studio code. Decide the functionality: Ok, I want to display my name Create a manifest file: It is a JSON file that provides important information about the extension to the browser, such as … Read more

How to write a viral script?

Viral Script

To learn how to write a viral script, you have some knowledge of Html, CSS and Javascript. When I heard about viral script, I thought that it is some kind of complicated coding and hard to learn. After checking one of wishing viral script source code, found that people just do copy and paste of the source code and share in WhatsApp groups.

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SEO not working

If you are looking for technical stuff here then you are at the wrong place. There are three versions of the story on this page which will tell you why SEO not working for those who are new to this.

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