SEO not working

If you are looking for technical stuff here then you are at the wrong place. There are three versions of the story on this page which will tell you why SEO not working for those who are new to this.

SEO not working

Ok, first there are three parties involved in the process of SEO.

  1. Client
  2. SEO guy
  3. Google or Any search engine

To make it simple let me put these parties in a new role like the client will be a passenger, SEO guy is a driver and search engine will be a UBER.

Now, the passenger book a taxi through UBER. Taxi comes to the client location and takes the passenger to the desired location.

No Problem!

But when you start SEO, here the story begins.

Client Version

The normal passenger never asks about the car model, gas, fuel, speedometer, coolant, and etc. But, yes he will ask about the route if had a doubt.

And in SEO, SEO failed when the client trying to sit on the driver seat like when you are driving with your father and he keeps teaching you about how to drive a car.

For clients, my suggestion is to find a good agency or driver instead of freelancer.

SEO guy version

Its depend on driver how smooth he can take the passenger to his destination. Due to the slow SEO process, the driver becomes lazy and search for shortcuts and become irresponsive.

UBER version

No comments on this version. since both the client and SEO guys are connected through google and totally dependent on this.

You have to follow whatever UBER Version to says means you must follow whatever Search Engine says.